GEM salutes you - thank you


to our dedicated customers


GEM SCHOOLWEAR has helped Schools / Students in South Africa and abroad to improve their education, setup training programs, build classrooms and schools.


This unique company was established in 1968 , giving it 40 years of experience in schoolwear. Developing quality schoolwear for 40 years  and going strong.


GEM SCHOOWEAR has not only been making quality uniforms, but also building world class schools for the disadvantaged communities.


All this was only done with your help, our dedicated customers.

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SALUTES YOU for your 40 years of continuous support. With dedicated customers like you, we look forward to the next 40 years...


thank you


Gem Schoolwear's First Doctor



I was a learner who had always dreamt of studying medicine and becoming a medical doctor.

Most of all I wanted to be a scientist. I developed this dream when I was doing grade 4 at Mbasela Primary School. The Science play at school inspired this dream of becoming a medical doctor.


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